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By all means. But if she doesn't like it, be respectful.

I agree i love it when my girlfriend lets me squeeze her bubble butt i love women with big round butts that's the way they shgould be

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:14:04
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Q: If your girlfriend has a big butt should you slap it?
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Because Rikishi's Butt is he's weapon to fight and he need warm he's arm (big butt) or terrorize he's rival

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draw attention too it! wearpurple skinnies or ones with studs on it!(and have a big one) HAHAHAH!! Or.... playfully slap his back:-)

Why do a lot of people laugh hard at slap big butts and spanking scenes?

Because of slap butt is indignity, degradation and humiliation. Women laugh hard at degrading and humiliating of another woman.

What to do if guy lead you on big time only to introduce you to his girlfriend days later?

slap him so he can remember it. :D

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What should you do if your girlfriend has a big butt?

Love it. Embrace it. Jiggle it. But dont make her lose it. dude, grab it till it turns numb! clap it, jiggle it, wiggle it, squeeze it!

How do you use slap on the wrist as a idiom in a sentence?

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Tell her that it is the perfect size for you. If she still complains, ask her if she wants to join the gym with you and tell her that she can try some healthier eating choices if she thinks it is too big.

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