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No, you definitely should have someone that loves and cares for you... baisically he should have never cheated on you. Also, you don't want someone that gets in trouble with the law. Don't worry the perfect guy will come along.

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Q: If you were in a serious relationship and your boyfriend cheated on you and is now in prison are you still together?
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How do you tell if your boyfriend is really serious with the relationship after he has cheated on you?

kiss them

What can a boyfriend take in a break up?

a boyfriend is entitled to anything that he has given you during the relationship, or anything of his that is in your possesion from the last time you were together, however if it was a serious relationship, chances are, he's not going to rob you of those items, thus robbing you of your memories together

What kinds of do you your boyfriend if you want your relationship to be more serious?

please rephrase

How can you tell if your boyfriend is serious or not after being together for almost a year in long distance relationship?

By asking him something you know he would never do just because he loves you.

What is live in partnership?

you are not married but live together and have a relationship through living in the same place, its very similar to having a boyfriend or a girlfriend but is usually more serious.

Is a boyfriend considered a relative?

no if you havent married eachother or had children, there just your boyfriend... its a not so serious relationship but holds seriousness within to maintain a healthy relationship

Is getting head cheating?

Are you serious? ..... YES it's cheating. If you can't see why then try putting the shoes on the other feet. Would you feel cheated on if your girlfriend/boyfriend did that with someone else? If you think nothing of it, you should rethink your relationship with that person...

Who did Ross Lynch cheat on or has he?

So far as I hear, no! He has never cheated on anybody before! He just hadn't had a serious relationship!

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend got somebody pregnant while you were separated and in the dream you regret getting back together with him?

This dream strongly suggests that the dreamer has serious doubts about the relationship.

If you have a boyfriend that cheated on you what should you do?

You can either move on from it, forgive him and continue with the relationship while making sure to let him know it'll take time to heal, or you can move on from it and not forgive him and let him go. It would depend how committed you are to each other, how devoted and how serious.

What if your boyfriend says he loves you millions but he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship. What should you do?

if your boyfriend says that he loves you and doesn't want to be serious then he either just wants to get in your pants or he is just scared to be in a committed relationship so help him and either way you will be ok.

What does it mean when your boyfriend give you keys to his place?

The relationship is serious and he wants to spend more time with you.