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The other wives are usually called "Sister Wives". In most polygamous families they have a good relationship and work together to do housework and take care of the children. They may or may not live under the same roof.

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Q: If you were a woman in a polygamist situation what would your relationship with the other wives be?
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What are polygamist wives to each other?

It depends on the culture, but many polygamist wives refer to the other women married to their husband as 'sister wives'.

What do you call the wives of a polygamous man?

The wives in a polygamous relationship often refer to themselves as "sister-wives".

Is Peter Andre in a relationship?

yes, he's a polygamist with 6 wives and 22 children as of 9/3/11

Is Kody Brown a polygamist?

Yes, he has four wives.

Are men polygamis and female monogamis?

Only men of a certain religion are polygamist. The wives in a polygamist marriage are all monogamist.

What is a person who has two wives and husbands' called?

A man with two wives is called a bigamist. A polygamist has more than two marital partners.

What is the situation of 'sister wives'?

Sister Wives is a show about the Brown family: Kody Brown, his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) and their combined 16 children. It just follows them in their everyday life and shows how they manage being a polygamist family living in the suburbs of Las Vegas, where they moved in January 2011.

What does lamech do in history of the Bible?

Lamech was the the first polygamist mentioned in the Bible. He killed both of his wives.

What is the name of a person who has two wives or husbands?


WHo was the first polygamist in the Bible?

Lamech. (There are two different Lamechs; the one descended from Cain rather than Seth is the polygamist.) While the narrative names Lamech's two wives it does not explicitly state that he was the first polygamist... the genealogy in Genesis only names a few people specifically, and simply refers generically to other sons and daughters besides the ones mentioned by name. Lamech is just the first polygamist that's unambiguously pointed out; there may or may not have been others before him.

What Is A Man Has Many Wives Called?

He's a bigamist in the eyes of the law, but recently, the word polygamist has appeared in the press.

If a man have more then one wife what do you call it?

if he has 2 wives then he would be called as bigamist and if he has more than two then polygamist