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You should give it time, because if you keep texting her she will just keep getting mad, so give her a few days and then apolagize to her and say i didnt mean to bother you so much and it should all work out. Just be careful

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Q: If you text a girl and she gets mad and says leave me alone what do you do?
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What does it mean when a girl says she stuck on you?

She can't leave you alone; she's stuck to you and can't help it.

Why would your ex says leave me alone but then sends you a message?

It depends what the text says.

When a girl says you could leave you What does she mean?

It means: "you could leave"

You are a girl and your best friend also a girl just kissed you on the neck you think you kind of like her but she says she is 100 percent straight What should you do?

if a gril says that then you should probably know that 80 out of 100 they are lying to you so i would leave them alone unless you like it but i would not

What do you say to a girl that says im to young?

How old are you? If you are too old for her, you would say "I'm sorry for behaving like a pedophile and I'll leave you alone. Feel welcome to get a restraining order."

When a guy says you are obsessed with him does he hate you?

He doesn't necessarily hate you, but he probably wishes that you'd leave him alone a bit. And if you don't leave him alone, it might make him angry eventually, and then he might hate you. But he probably doesn't hate you, he probably just wants you to leave him alone.

What would you do when this guy Is flirting with your girl and she says he hasn't?

Believe her or leave her

What do you do when he says he doesn't feel like talking?

leave hmi or her alone until he or she wants to talk to you

How do you respond if a boy says im alone after asking if the girl is single?

You answer his question or not as you wish.

What does it mean when a guy says he only wants to be there for you?

It mean he loves you so much and he will never leave you alone.

What if a boy says he s in love with you but you found sms he sends to another girl?

What exactly is their conversation in the sms about. If it is personal/sexual, he is not to be trusted. Leave him alone. The earlier the better. if it is just friendly conversation, then dont worry about it.

When a girl says it doesnt feel like we are together anymore?

Quietly, alone and tell it like it is.