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Q: If you take a nap before you work will you work better?
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What things you might do during the daytime?

Work, eat, take a nap, play, ...

Do you like to take a nap in the afternoon?

No, I don't take an afternoon nap.

What is a sentence for unwind?

I wanted to unwind and take a nap but my homework was forcing me to stay up and work.

Are cats heavy sleepers?

No, not ussually anyway. Cats take nap after nap after nap to get their rest.

A Nap At Work?

When looking to sneak in a short nap during work, invest in a reclining office chair.

What should you do to prevent fatigue from your driving?

If you are tired, pull in and take a short nap before continuing on your way.

Do Cara and Mady Gosselin take a nap at the same time with the little kids?

As of now .. the sextuplets do not nap .. only occassionally .. and Mady and Cara have not napped since before the show started.

How to use take and took in a sentence?

Take, future tense. I will take a nap. Took, past tense. I took a nap.

Is '' so she can take a nap'' a subject or predicate?

It depends on how the word is used.

What is vemma?

it is a liquid vitiam that is really good for u it taste really good andu cant tell a really big differences for you. Before u start taking it i felt like i had to take a nap during the day. After i took this i did fell like i had to take a nap. I feel 10 times better after i started taking this. Vemma is a very good product.

What is Fais-do-do?

Take a nap

What if you have homework and have a headache?

Take some tylenol. Also, sometimes a relaxing hot shower with a nap can work too.