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Q: If you take 900 mg of ambien would you die?
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Could you die if you took a whole bottle of ambien?

Yes. You could die if you take a whole bottle of ambien.

What happens when you take 15 Klonopin and 5 Ambien?

You will die man

How do you make Ambien?

You don't. Fooling around with medication can kill you, especially a tranquilizer like Ambien. You will stop breathing and die.

How do you make ambien stronger?

You don't. Fooling around with medication can kill you, especially a tranquilizer like Ambien. You will stop breathing and die.

How long does it take a red eared turtle to die?

about six months

Can you overdose from 250 mg Ambien?

yes you can overdose and die on that much. that will kill you.

How much ambien would cause a serious overdose?

Z-type drugs like Ambien, Sonata & Lunesta and benzodiazepines like valium and Xanax are generally far safer in overdose (by themselves) compared to older sedatives like Seconal, chloral hydrate. When people die of an overdose of Ambien there are usually other drugs present. Case reports of Alcohol, Soma, valium as combinations. People have gone into a coma with as few as 20 10mg pills & died with 90-300 Ambien overdoses can be easily reversed with IV flumazenil.

Can you take methadone ambien xanax and geodon together?

Yes, as long as the ambien is not time released. I'm on 80 mg of methadone in the morning and take 10 mg Ambien everynight. I would not take them at the same time though since they both sedate.

Is it safe to take Ambien after the expiration date?

Is it safe, yes.. But will it be effective? The answer is no. Prescription drugs have an expiration date because after that date is when the active compounds are determined to be ineffective. Just like food, after the EXp date, it just isn't good any more.

Is it safe to mix 12mg of ambien cr with 1.5 mg of Ativan?

Z drugs like ambien should not be taken with a benzodiazepine as it can greatly increase sedation which can lead to side effects as dramatic as death due to upper-respitory failure (being unable to breath). There is really no need to take the two together, if the ambien you are being prescribed isn't getting you to sleep then consult your phsyician about increasing your dosages.

Who would take over if you had no doctors?

we would die or we could heal our selves but most likely we would die.

I am wondering the overdose threshold of Ambien--is it two pills or is it more like twenty pills?

in order to die from it, you have to have blood toxicity, which is a LOT of pills. there are no recorded cases of ambien overdose as a cause of death. bear in mind- "everything in moderation" though.