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You bend over the object and breath in through your nose and then pass out.

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I do not believe so. Smell is done in the nose, taste is done in the mouth.

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Q: If you smell something are you tasting it?
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Why does my urine smell?

you ate something bad tasting or smelling

What is the difference between smell and taste?

well you see if you taste something you tasting the flavours in your mouth but if you smell something the sent is going through your nose

What are the main functions of the sensory organs?

Sight, smell, hearing, tasting, and touching.

How do we know what we like to taste and what we don't?

Before you taste a food you observe it with your eyes and smell it with your nose. If it doesn't look good or smell good then most likely you won't like it. You can also tell if you like something just buy tasting it or trying it.

How much of taste is smell?

0%, smelling may seem like your tasting it, but those are two totally different senses, if smell had to do with tase, there would be no smell sense.

What three things does a baleen whale probably use its tongue for?

tasting drinking and smell

If you burp shortly after you throw up what are you tasting?

If you burp shortly after you throw up, you would be probably be tasting the smell left that you were vomiting up and stomach acid too.

Why do people always say mm when tasting something new?

They don't. They only say that if they like what they are tasting. ;)

Is taste a linking verb?

Tasting is an action. When you are tasting you are performing an act. You are doing something. The chef did something. He acted. Now what do you think the verb tasted is?

Does your eyesight help your sense of smell?

no because your eyes is for seeing and your nose is for smelling things and your mouth is for tasting so how does your eyesight help your sence smell

What is one of our senses?

Your five senses are sight, hearing, touch, smelling and tasting.

What are the 5 senses that supply the brain with information?

1. Seeing 2. Hearing 3. Smelling 4. Feeling 5. Tasting Hopefully this helps :)