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A trusted teacher and A family friend - Apex

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Q: If you need relationship help and you cannot talk to your parent or guardian who could you seek help from?
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If you need relationship help and you cannot talk to your parents or guardian who could you seek help from?

A trusted teacher and A family friend - Apex

Could you be in high school without a legal parent guardian?

If you are 18 or emancipated it is possible. It rarely happens.

Is it illegal for a non custodial parent to take a 15 year old for a tattoo without permission from custodial parent?

Yes, if the state require consent from the legal guardian since the non-custodial parent is not the legal guardian. And yes, because the non-custoduial parent does not have the legal right to make that kind of decision for the child. The non-custodial parent could face sanctions from the court. The custodial parent could sue to have the non-custodial parent pay to have the tattoo removed.

What tattoo symbolizes children?

Dandelions or guardian angels are tattoos that could represent children. Parental love from a parent to a child could also be symbolized with flowers and hearts.

Can you drop out of school at the age of 15 in Washington state?

I would say you could, but they are going to press on you a parent athorization form. And besides why would you want to drop out at 15?

Can a 17-year-old in Ohio move in with her boyfriend?

The age of majority in Ohio is 18. An underaged person leaving home w/o the permission of the parent(s) or legal guardian could be subjected to the intervention of authorities. The factors that determine action taken would depend on the parent(s) or legal guardian involvement; and the applicable laws pertaining to a relationship between an underaged person and an adult, ("adult" being defined as anyone over the age of eighteen).

Can someone other than a parent control a minor beneficiary's life insurance money?

Not unless the circumstances are very unusual such as the parent being neglectful and abusive. If that were the case. the court would designate a guardian ad litem to represent the child until a permanent guardian/conservator could be appointed.

Can a juvenile placed on a consent calendar in the state of Michigan potentially get off early in any way?

Only by maintaining an exemplaryrecord and a law abiding life. Your parent/guardian could petition the court for early release but whether it is granted or not cannot be known in advance.

Can a child be declared emancipated if they decline to continue a relationship with their non-custodial parent?

No. Child Support has nothing to do with relationship. However, I you could file a court motion to determine the cause of not wanting a relationship and determined if the custodial parent/family/friends are promoting parental alienation towards the non-custodial parent.

How old do you have to be to switch genders in Florida?

18, unless you have parental or guardian permission, and proof that the person is your parent or guardian. Alternatively you could get it on the black market in which you don't have to be any age, but is highly advised against, due to the fact that the surgeons are unprofessional and could result in death.

If you have sole legal and physical custody of your child do you have the right to determine who will care for him if you were to die?

In general, the child's other parent is the natural guardian of the child. The surviving parent would have the right to custody of the child after your death. The surviving parent could be divested of that right under the same circumstances that would support termination of the parent-child relationship (unfit parent). If the other parent does not survive, then the decedent could name a guardian fo the child. That nomination should be given great weight. Even that, though, is not absolute. Children are not property, so the best interests of the child should be paramount. Not being a parent, only a teacher, I would say yes but knowing the courts "they" may be able to override your decision based on any number of things: grandparents, siblings, cousins, potential foster or adoptive parents, etc. What state do you live in?

What is the law concerning transporting a child across statelines?

To transport a minor accross state lines the transporter must be a parent or legal guardian of the child or if said child is being transported to a close relative. If the parent or guardian is not present than it could be considered kidnaping considering the state being entered unless a contract of en loco parentis is signed by the parent or guardian giving temporary guardianship to the transporter ensuring the welfare of the child in the event of an emergancy.