If you made a formal solemn promise you____?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: If you made a formal solemn promise you____?
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If you made a formal solemn promise you do what?


What do you do if you made a formal solemn promise?


If you made a formal solemn promise?


What dose a solemn promise called?

A solemn promise is often referred to as an oath. It is a formal declaration or promise typically made with a strong sense of responsibility or commitment.

A solemn promise?

A solemn promise is a vow or commitment made in a serious and formal manner. It is usually binding and carries a sense of gravity, integrity, and honor in keeping with the promise.

Is oath a noun?

Yes, "oath" is a noun. It refers to a solemn promise or pledge, often made in a formal or legal context.

When was Solemn Promise created?

Solemn Promise was created on 2009-10-02.

What is the duration of Solemn Promise?

The duration of Solemn Communion is 1.75 hours.

How do you spell solemn?

The correct spelling is "solemn" (serious, formal).

What does you solmely swear mean?

In this context, to swear means to promise. Solemn means being formal, serious and sensible. So "I solemnly swear" is another way of saying "I promise, and I understand how important this is".

What is the difference between a covenant and an oath?

A covenant is a binding agreement or promise between two parties, often with conditions or terms. An oath is a solemn promise or declaration, usually invoking a deity or something sacred as a witness to the truth of what is being said or promised. In essence, a covenant is a formal agreement, while an oath is a solemn pledge.

What is a three-letter word for 'solemn promise'?