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yea....i mean if he keep on noticing you staring at him, he might know that you like him or he might get too wierded out and avoid you. If you have a picture of him (like a class picture or something like that) keep it on a folder or somewhere safe and look at him at home or at school (but be areful at school) and so that way you could still look at him and he won't know you like him. =)

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Q: If you keep staring at him will he realize that you like him?
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If you keep on staring at him will he know that you like him to?

he'll probaly know that your staring at him because people can feel when someones staring at him or her i knoiw i can

Why do guys I used to like keep staring at me?

this is known as mutual interaction.

I keep staring at this girl and she ends up smiling what does it mean does she like me?

If you keep staring at a girl and she smiles at you it usually means that there is a mutual attraction. To find out if she likes you, ask her if she would like to go out on a date.

When will saw 8 realize?

ofcourse there will be saw 8. and it will be staring be Adam

What if a guy constantly keeps staring at a girl and will move closer to her and keep staring at her either through the corner of his eye or just plain out STARING....note you have notin on your shirt?

that means he like u

Why does the boy you fancy keep staring at you?

he either likes you too...or its pretty noticeable u like him

Why do your baby keep starlin?

If a baby is staring, they may see a color that they really like. It could also be that they are attracted to specific designs that they notice around you. Staring is common.

Why people keep staring at you but they seems like have nothing to say when they walk pass u?

People keep staring at you yet they may have nothing to say to you as they walk past you, because you are new to them or they just are afraid to say hi.

What does it mean if he is staring at you like he wants to kill you?

Well, if he is staring at you like he wants to kill you, then obviously he means harm. You should try talking to him, but don't do it alone. Otherwise, just ignore him and keep an eye on him. Stay away from getting into fights with him, or trusting him.

What do guys think about when staring at the girl they like?

They are thinking about the girl they are staring at.

Do girls stare even when they dont like you and I mean constantly like everyday at school WHEN THEY DONT LIKE YOU?

would you say you are good looking or funny? If either they probably like or are fascinated by you. Why don't you just ask them why they are staring? Actually um if they keep staring at u then that means they like u for sure!There was once this dude who kept staring at me and finally i asked why he stared at me so much and he was like''.um i dont know .i kinda like u!

What do you do if a girl that you don't like keeps staring at you and it gets annoying?

Ask them very politely to stop staring at you, otherwise get on with your life and try to ignore the person. keep things nice, the person in question may just have a crush on you.