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Many, if not most, people go through such stages in their life. It does sometimes help to talk to someone else about such matters and their reasons for such feelings.

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Q: If you have suicidal thoughts occasionally but no intent to act should you tell someone?
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If a person thinks about suicide in the abstract but has no intention of committing suicide is that still considered 'suicidal ideation'?

No and yes. Generally, persistent thoughts about suicide (whether personalized or not) would be considered suicidal ideation. However, the issue becomes much more urgent if the thoughts are specific to a person ending his or her own life................................................................[ 2]No, it's not. Just because you think about suicide doesn't mean you want to commit suicide. I mean, if you think about joining the army a lot [sorry, I know it's a bad example] doesn't necessarily mean you want to be in the army. I think about that, too, but that doesn't mean I want to go kill myself. Share your thoughts with a close friend or something. Chances are, they've thought about it, too...................................Suicide Ideation is a common feature of many mental health problems.Suicidal Ideation (SI) refers to the thoughts about taking one's own life with some degree of intent. SI with some intent does not necessarily mean that a person is an imminent risk to self; further assessment is needed. It is imperative that all SI is taken seriously and explored to determine the level of risk. A professional clinician should assess the plan, motivation, and level of intent to determine the intervention needed, if any.Yes and No.Statistically speaking people who tell others about wanting to suicide, or take some pills then call an ambulance, generally most of the time just want help.Most suicides of people actually dying, no one ever even new there was anything wrong, they just find them dead.I think the point is that suicidal ideation is a symptom of a mental health issue that should be looked into. Most ppl might think about suicide but to ideate it means it is a persistant thought.

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