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After seeing a doctor, they will determine the severity and let you know.

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no you should not you sholud take them to the emergancy room

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Q: If you had a concusion is it safe to go to sleep?
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Is it OK to sleep with out a pillow?

yes as long as you dont have head problems or a concusion but if you dont it is okay

Is it safe to go barefoot?

its only normal to sleep in bed with out shoes

Is it safe to go to sleep with long term priapism?

Yes people do it routinely

Is it safe for a toddler to sleep in a room that was painted 24 hrs ago?

No, you have to go to a hospital to let him sleep. I am a doctor, trust me.

Who can be affected by concusion?


Should you go to hospital if you are knocked uncons cious for a few minutes?

Personally I would go to a doctor just to make sure you or a friend does not have a concusion.

How long do you wait till its safe to sleep after taking hydrocodone?

After taking Hydrocodone wait about 30 minutes to go to sleep. When the Hydrocodone kicks in you will feel it.

Who checked Crosby to give him a concusion?


How does jody get the horny toad to go to sleep?

Jody gets the horny toad to go to sleep by gently stroking its back until it relaxes and feels calm. This helps the toad feel safe and comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.

Can you sleep after hitting your head?

of course you can sleep after you hit your head. its no big deal. However, you may get unconscious or if the hit is really hard, you may have a concusion which may lead you to have a bad headache while sleeping. Seeking professional help should be done if these sypmtoms persist

How many hours do you stay up for if you get a concusion?


When a dog gets a concusion does it cause vomiting?