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Its a condition called pinna occidere. You'd die

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Q: If you eat a feather what happens?
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What Do Feather Dusters Eat?


Who eat feather star?

fish and other echinoderms

Feather animal that eat carnivores?

It is the brown feathers of the eagle.

What does a cushion syar eat?

Feather, it is fethers inside them. DAH?

Why doesn't the crocodile eat his tiny feather dentist?

it does not have one

Does a Starfish eat a Feather Duster Worm?

yes all the time

What do feather starfish eat?

Feather stars feed on tiny drifting organisms and particles, gathering these passively from the water by adjusting their arms to maximise the feeding area relative to the water flow.

What happens if you fall trying to obtain the blue feather on harvest moon magical melody?

sory 4 answering ur question with a question but wht is the blue feather

What happens when Fawkes the Phoenix drops his last feather?

He bursts into flames and dies, then is reborn from the ashes.

WhAT happens when feather react with water?

When a feather is in the water, it gets wet and absorbs some water. When a feather is still on a duck, the oil secreted by the ducks skin is in the feather and prevents the ducks feathers from getting waterlogged. Otherwise the feathers on the duck would get heavy with water and make it impossible for the duck to stay on top.

What happens when a birds feather falls out?

well it means that hes going to die so you have to get him a medicine called moromtrin that will help luck with your bird

Why did the egypitains choose not to preserve the brain?

They actually weighed the brain against a feather and if the brain was lighter than the feather they would keep it if it wasn't the jackel statue would eat it