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No, secondhand smoke will not cause a person to become addicted but it will damage your body just like you are the one smoking. It will hurt your lungs, heart, and cause you to have a faster heart rate.

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Q: If you breathe smoke that came out of your mothers mouth would you get addicted?
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Who do you inhale smoke?

You suck in on whatever your smoking from, which pulls then smoke into your mouth. Then you breathe in, which will bring it into your lungs.

What is the act of smoking?

to breathe smoke into the mouth and usually lungs from a cigarette, pipe, etc

If you have braces and smoke once a week can the dentist tell?

Yes, your teeth MAY turn yellow with the smoking, just keep your mouth really clean, and you could cover the smell of smoke but why would you smoke once a week? your not addicted if you can do that.

How does smoke make people feel?

what make people addicted to smoke

Can you smoke a little weed?

If you smoke weed, you might be addicted to it, it depends on you.

Is 2nd hand smoke bad if you breathe through your nose?

YES, second hand smoke is dangerous breathed in regardless of nose or mouth. In fact second hand smoke has been proven to be just as harmful as if you were smoking yourself.

What is Long term effects of smoke?

brain cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer, lots of cancers. yellow teeth, permanantly bad breathe.

What triggers people to continue to smoke?

People continue to smoke because they are addicted to nicotine.

Why do people smoke cigars?

People get addicted to it and do not stop

Why do people smoke when it damages there lungs?

They are addicted to the nicotine

Does Adele smoke weed?

yes shes addicted

Why people should smoke?

People SHOULDN'T smoke. They just get addicted to it!!