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Q: If you blow your nose to much will it dehydrate your body?
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Can blowing your nose dehydrate you?

You can try it and check.

What is the layer of tissue in the human body?

the ones u blow your nose on

Can little girls blow their nose?

Sometimes. Making a sound when you blow your nose depends on how much pressure you put behind the blowing.

How do you blow you nose?

You get a tissue and blow!

Why when you blow your nose does part of the snot get stuck somewhere around the bone in your upper nose?

yes that is why your get boogers stuck in your nose those borgers are sometimes dried snot from when you blow your nose if you do not blow your nose all the way.

How do you get chicken pie out of your nose?

blow your nose!!!

What makes up a body organ?

Tissues. Not the ones you blow your nose with, but the ones that make up your organs!

What are special cell?

Specialized cells are a group of cells that has a common structure and function is called a tissue. (In side your body, not something you blow your nose into)

When you blow your nose why does air appear to come out of your eyes?

When your eyes water, they drain to your nose down to your stomach via a drainage canal, from your eye to your nose - this is kind of like your body recycling it's fluids. The reason your eyes might, "bubble" when you blow your nose is because air is going in reverse from the canal to the eye.

What if your nose is wet and you blow it regularly?

runny nose

Does a cow trust you if you blow up its nose?

No a cow will not trust you if you blow up its nose! What kind of question is that????!!!!!

Can you blow your nose while a starting nose piercing is in your nose?

Yes, you can. It may feel a bit awkward but you can definitely blow your nose. Just be aware that you may need to clean the part of the post that is inside your nose after you blow your nose since a small build up of mucus can form.