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naked with a boner

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Q: If you are scared to ask a girl out how would you aproach it?
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How do you ask out a girl on the phone?

just ask her dont be scared tell her that you would like to do something sometimes and that you just want it to be the two of you

How do you ask a girl when your scared at school?

Don't ask her out if she was the ex of your best freind

What do you do if you are to scared to ask a girl if she wants to kiss?

Just ask her if she would like to, she's probably been waiting for you to ask her it anyway, so I wouldn't keep her waiting!

What should you do if a girl says she is scared of you?

ask her why, be there for her and try to understand

How do you tell if a girl that has known you for years likes you but is scared to admit it?

Ask her.

What should do if you scared to talk to a girl who has a crush on you?

ask your dad for advice

Why don't boys just ask a girl out?

Because they are scared of rejection

How can you ask hot girl out?

I am a 14yr old girl, and the best way to ask "A hot girl out" is to her face. That way it shows you are not a scared. You go straight up to her ( even if your nervous ) and say, "Do you want to go out with me?" Thats what I would do. Good luck! # # #

How would you ask a girl if she likes you if your goin to use the direct aproach and you dont want to be crushed?

Just ask her for an honest opinion of the relationship between you and her. The worst that can happen is that you get cast into the friend zone, but if you are that afraid of rejection then you probably should wait to date. Tender hearts are precious.

In what island is the girl that ask for hypno in LeafGreen?

She does not ask for hypno, she is being scared by a hypno, which you then battle. It is on 3 Island.

How can I approach a girl I like in middle school who's one year younger than me without seeming awkward?

Aproach her, say hi. . .ask her how she is. . .then talk to her about whatever you wanna talk about.

Why are guys too shy to ask girls out?

idk im no expert but it may b cuz they hate rejection n theyre scared the girl will could also be cuz theyre scared the girl will say no wen they ask...they wanna ask at the right time