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You should just ignore them and date someone else better then her or him.

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discuss your feelings with your girlfriend or boyfriend

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Q: If you are jealous because your girlfriend or boyfriend is dating other people you should do what?
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What does boyfriend and girlfriend mean?

this means that there is no dating involved between the two participants and they're only "boyfriend and girlfriend" to 1) keep others away 2) ward of requests 3) make someone jealous

Why do boys get mad when you tell them you have a boyfriend?

you want to know why because they get jealous and dont want you dating another person

Is your girlfriend only with you?

Yes a 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' means that you two are exclusively dating.

What is a live in boyfriend girlfriend?

It is when they are dating and they live together.

What does the in a relationship with mean?

The people are dating. They are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Is there any dating sites for children aged 11-12?

No,because no 11-12 year-old needs a dating site or even a boyfriend because then you will not pay attetion to your schoolwork because you are to worried about going home and talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

How do you make a boyfriend jealous?

To date another guy to make the one your dating mad

What is the difference between dating someone and being their girlfriend or boyfriend?

you can date more than one person if u are refering to going on dates. so it doesnt mean that u are girlfriend/boyfriend with everyone you date. usually people refer to dating as being someones girlfriend/boyfriend if there are no other people that they are dating.

What does it mean when your best guy friend is jealous of the boyfriend I'm dating?

he like you or things that you like something about your boyfriend that he doesn't have

Are Selina and Nick boyfriend and girlfriend?

Yes Selena Gomez is dating Nick Jonas

Is arjun and purvi boyfriend and girlfriend real life?

no because he is already dating a some girl i forgot her name sorry......

How do you get a girlfriend boyfriend in wizard 101?

You don't - Wizard101 is NOT the Dating Game.