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The duration depends on the complexity of the procedure. The patient is put under anesthesia and is unconscious during the surgery. Don't worry about it, you will feel no pain during the surgery, and afterwards you will be on painkillers. The surgeons are skilled professionals who have performed the operation hundreds of times; you are in good hands.

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Depending on exactly what needs to be changed, open heart surgery can be relatively short or go on for several hours. Often, surgeons may need to change plans while operating, making the surgery longer. There is a relatively long healing time since accessing the heart entails cracking through the chest bones.

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Open heart surgery can last many hours; ranging from 6 hours to 24 hours.

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The heart is cannulated and the blood is passed through a cardiopulmonary bypass machine.

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Q: If you are having open heart surgery what happens to your blood?
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Will having heart surgery disqualify you from getting into the military i have had heart surgery but it doesn't affect my physical abilities i have a heart rate between 35-40 bpm?

Having heart surgery can disqualify you from getting into the military.

What are the complications of open heart surgery?

The risks involved with having heart surgery are endless, and there is no real way to identify all the risks involved. A few of the risk are: bleeding, abnormal heart rate,Ischemic heart damage, death, blood clots, stroke, and blood loss.

Does blood pressure affect open heart surgery?

blood pressure can effect ALL types of surgery.

What is a cabbage of the heart?

Coronary artery bypass surgery is a type of heart surgery sometimes called CABG ("cabbage"). This surgery reroutes, or "bypasses," blood around clogged arteries and improve blood flow and oxygen distribution to the heart.

What is the difference between a Gastric Bypass Surgery and Heart Bypass Surgery?

The Gastric Bypass Surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of your stomach, to help weight loss. On the other hand, a Heart Bypass Surgery is a procedure that replaces a block blood vessel in you heart with another blood vessel.

Which of the three major parts of the circulatory system can now be replaced by surgery?

The heart, individual heart valves, and blood vessels can be replaced by surgery.

What kind of surgery is the surgical treatment of the heart and blood vessels.?

Cardiovascular surgery is the surgical treatment of the heart and blood vessels. Treatments may fix blockages, leaky valves, or other problems.

Why is clamping blood vessels important in open heart surgery?

As all blood flows back to the heart, clamping down on blood vessels is very important in open heart surgery. Clamping down on blood vessels will slow down blood flow so that while in surgry, the blood wouldn't come in, as it naturally would, and flood the chambers of the heart. And because it's an open heart surgery, the blood would go nowhere and it wouldn't be circulated back throughout the body. The patient would probably die from loss of blood as a result.

Can you have kids after having open heart surgery?

You can if it has been at least a year.

Where is Steve wright dj at the moment?

He's having heart surgery.

What has the author Rephael Mohr written?

Rephael Mohr has written: 'Management of bleeding after open heart surgery' -- subject(s): Adverse effects, Blood Loss, Surgical, Complications, Heart, Heart Surgery, Hemorrhage, Postoperative Complications, Prevention & control, Surgery, Surgical Blood Loss, Treatment

How can heart attack stop?

A heart attack is an extremely serious ailment that results from a blockage that prevents blood from getting to the heart. Heart attacks can be stopped through the use of drugs and surgery. If a person suspects they are having a heart attack, they should go to the emergency room immediately.