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Q: If you are having a relationship problem you should talk to a trusted adult?
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What does it mean when your truck sounds like its going to die when you let off the gas?

It means you should have a trusted mechanic diagnose the problem before there is a bigger problem.

If you have a problem who you should to tell?

It completely depends on the problem and your age. If you are a child or teenager and your problem will permanently affect your life, you should think about your resources and discuss it with a trusted adult with the goal of solving the problem. If you are a mature person, you may have to discuss your problem with an attorney or other trusted professional. Without further information about your specific situation, it's very difficult to answer your question with specificity.AnswerYou can start out telling someone that you trust and take it from there.

Should you keep hanging out with you ex individually when you are in a relationship?

No a person should not still be seeing their ex individually when they are in a relationship because that relationship is over and both exes should move on. If in doubt one should put themselves in the shoes of the person they are now having a relationship with.

What is the best online relationship test?

I'm not sure if there is any best, but one of the most popular from a trusted site is at They are in the relationship business, so the results from that site should be some of the most reliable.

What should you do if you really like someone who is going out with someone?

I went through this stay the hell away from her unless she having problem with her current relationship then jus hang out and have fun with her. if you make her happy maybe she consider you in the heart.

If your boyfriend looks up another girl does that mean he wants her?

If he is out looking for this girl then yes, he is interested in her. If she was just an old friend then he should have no problem having you around when he sees her. You should let him know that you aren't going to put up with his behavior. If he's unhappy in your relationship then he should be honest with you.

Is it right for your husband to talk to his ex girlfriends?

Um.....NO of course not he has a wife now he should leave the ex girlfriends in the past. Answer 2: This depends entirely on the current relationship, and its stability. I speak to my ex's and my wife has no problem with it, we also have a strong and stable relationship. If you have a problem with him doing that, you should speak to him about it, communications is a key to a relationship.

Can two lesbians live together and not be in a relationship?

Lesbians are no different that straight people who decide to live together. If the chemistry isn't there should be no problem with the relationship.

Why do you have to suffer in a relationship?

If you are sufering in the relationship and are not having any fun then you should break it off and find someone who always makes you happy even if you fight!

If a friend tells you she is considering suicide but makes you promise not to tell anyone you should do what?

tell a trusted adult, they will thank you for it later, you can't bring them back from the dead but you can renew a relationship

Should you fly right before having carpal tunnel surgery or any surgery?

There should be no problem flying before having carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

Where should someone who is having a registry problem go for help?

Anyone who is having a registry problem at a department store should contact the stores manager or sales associate to help them. It is important that their wedding guests can give them the gifts they want for their wedding.