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Yes of course it's cheating.

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Q: If you are bi-sexual and you are dating a girl is it cheating if you date a guy at the same time?
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If you were bisexual and you were a girl would it be cheating on him if you made out with a girl?

Yes, it would be cheating. Fidelity is fidelity -- the plumbing doesn't matter.

If a bisexual girl goes out with a guy is she considered bisexual or straight while they are dating?

She is still considered bisexual.

Is dating a girl and guy cheating?


Is the girl you are cheating with also cheating ON you?

I'm confused. is the girl you're cheating with dating somebody else? if so, then obviously yes. my question is, why are you cheating in the first place?

Is it cheating if your bisexual girlfriend hooks up with a girl?

Whether you are bisexual or gay hooking up with another person is no different than straight people doing the same thing and it is cheating.

If a girl love you and love another?

If a girl loves you and loves another girl then your basically dating a bisexual

Is it weird to date a bisexual girl?

No as long as you love her.

Would a girl date a bisexual man?


Is it cheating if you ask a girl out but haven't gone on a date yet and do stuff with another girl?

No, it is not cheating unless you have agreed not to date other people.

What is cheating on a man or girl?

Cheating is having a romantic or sexual relationship with some else while dating or being married to a man or girl.

Why is he making you jealous?

because the person you are dating is with another girl and is cheating on you

How do you tell your dad you are bisexual?

Bring home a girl and a boy and say dad I am dating her and him........