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i think so. i take 600mg of seroquil every night to help me sleep. plus trioleptal

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Q: If you are already taking 800mg of Seroquil at night for your bipolar and to help you sleep and the doctor today prescribed 30mg of restoril on top of it wont that be too much?
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Is Wellbutrin prescribed for Bipolar disorders?

I have rapid-cycling bipolar disorder and have been prescribed Wellbutrin, along with a mood stabilizer.

Is seroquil used for bipolar?

The indications of sertraline HCl do not expressly include bipolar disorder but some sources indicate that it can be used to treat the depressive side of bipolar disorder.

Take sleeping pills if you have bipolar?

Only if prescribed by your doctor.

What is ceraquil?

Ceraquil is a misspelling of "Seroquil", a drug used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Pill poppers use it to get high. Signs of overdose include rapid heart rate, drowsiness, and irregular heart rhythm.

How to cure bipolar treatment at home?

There is no cure for bipolar disorder, but if you really think you have it you should schedule an appointment with a psychologist. Depending on your case, you might get prescribed pills to level out your moods.

What is the drug lithium prescribed for?

dont try to use it unless your crazy.

Is Latuda ever prescribed for Bipolar?

Latuda (lurasidone) is sometime prescribed for bipolar disorder as are many other antipsychotics. In fact, there is recent data that lurasidone may be effective in the treatment of bipolar depression with no weight gain. This data has not yet been reviewed by the FDA. This data was presented at the 165th Annual APA Meeting in May 2012 by Loebel A. et al.

Will Willlard accept someone with bipolar disorder?

I dont know for sure. But if you are taking the proper medications as prescribed, they should.

What is the standard dose of lithium prescribed for someone with bipolar disorder?

depends on weight and they have to test blood levels to adjust it.

Can you get marijuana card for bipolar schizophrenia?

No, because medicinal marijuana is prescribed only for cases of terminal pain (i.e. with cancer). Marijuana doesn't alleviate any symptoms of Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia.

What if someone is misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder- are there negative effects of a non bipolar person taking bipolar medications?

That all depends on the medication. Different medicines used to treat bipolar are often used for many other purposes. Tegretol, for example, is sometimes prescribed for bipolar but is also used to treat certain kinds of headaches. Seroquel, as another popular example, is often used for sleep or for depression.

What is Zyprexa medication used for?

It is prescribed as an antipsychotic for bipolar and schizophrenia