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You find out stuff he likes... talk about it find one one you friends that is friends with him... ask your friend if he or she can ask him if he likes you if he does... good for you! if he doesnt sorry...

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talk to him, ask him if at the moment he likes someone in particular. if he does not answer this, he might ask you, in return, you say you have someone in mind, try to hint him off that it's him. if he doesn't get a clue, tell him straight out that, well, you like him. just ask a friend to find out if he likes you

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It's easy to get a fifth grade boy to like you,if you know what he's into.Be as friendly as you can around him.Ask some questions about him,but not very,very nosey questions.If you both know things about each other,you feel more comfortable around him.If it works out in a little while,ask if he likes you.If he says no,you can still be friends.Its not the end of the world if he says no!

Ok. I already wrote some things on this. Its under: If you are a fifth grade girl how do you tell a fifth grade boy that you love him*. If you read the second paragraph and do the things I wrote, it should get his attention. I am not promising he will like you though, so don't blame me if he doesn't.

* It should be like, not love.

Tip: BE YOURSELF! Boys absolutely hate it when girls change there personality's to get a boys attention

Tip: DON'T GO ON TO STRONG! If you go on to strong, it seriously creeps A guy out.

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I'm in 5th grade too I just asked my crush out. Just do it if he says no he doesn't know what he's missing

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Q: If you are a fifth grade girl how do you tell a fifth grade boy that you love him?
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How does a fifth grade girl tell a fifth grade boy she loves him?

Just tell him if he freaks out who cares or just have a friend tell ir write a note

Step by step instructions on how a fifth grade boy can get a girl?

Tell the girl you like her.

How do you tell a girl that you like her in fifth grade?

If you think she likes you yes you should tell her!

How do you tell a hot fifth grade girl you like he r?

It depends how old you are. Dont. she's in 5th grade.

What should a fourth grade girl say if a fifth grade boy asks her out?

if the girl likes the boy then say yes and if your parents are square dont tell them

How does a fifth grade girl tel a fourth grade boy you like him?

just tell him you like him but you really shouldn't be worried about that yet

How do you get a girlfiend in fifth grade?

Find a girl and tell her you like her dont be shy (results may very)

What should i do that you are in sixed grade and the girl you love is in ninth grade?

Tell her <3 If you tell her maybe she'll like you back <3

How for a fourth grade girl to tell a fifth grade boy she likes him if they've never spoken to each other before?

NO!!!! most fifth grade boys wont want a 4th grade girl because they consider them little kids (no offense, but they do!) you'll just break ur heart sweetie.

How do you know if a fifth grade girl likes you back?

first of all, if she always makes fun of you, then she might like you. but she might hate you too. to really tell if a fifth grade girl likes you back, you should wait for a while, preferably until at least 10th or 11th grade. and use a condom.

How does a fifth grade girl get a fifth grade guy to like her?

You look at him from across the room and smile. Then you look back at what you are doing. If this doesn't work, try telling him that you like him. You have nothing to loose! (Or get one of your guy-friends to tell him)

How do you tell if a ten year old girl in fifth grade likes a ten year old guy in fifth grade?

Because she blows kisses to him at night and hugs him like ateddy bear also kisses in the toy box