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*it's normal.u don't wanna start if u don't have to *I agree! Enjoy not having your period while you can! You'll start soon enough!

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Q: If you are 14-years-old and have not started your period is there a medication you can take to help you start?
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What medication start your period come?

There is no " medication " that can start or stop your period. It will come at the right time and you just have to be patient. Some symptoms that means your period is coming include discharge, cramping, and headaches. Be sure to have pads/ tampons around when these symptoms occur. Hope this helps!

How many pounds do you have to be to start your period?

I am not sure. I started my period when I weighed about 100 pounds i was 75 pounds when i started

When did the Aztec period start?

It started at round about 1200!.!

Where did you start your period?

you can start aniiwhere cuzz i started fridaii diz year nd i started at mii house

Can your period start for a day then stop with out taking medication?

Yes, a period can last for as short as one day, in which case it is normal.

When did the Victoria period start?

It started when Victoria became Queen

How do you delay your next period with Utovlan?

You will have to get a prescription from your doctor to delay your next period with Utovian. When taken as prescribed, your period will not start until you stop taking the medication.

What year did the reconstruction period start?

the reconstucion period started at the end of the great depression in 1500bc

If you started your period on Friday and you want to start birth control do you start on Sunday pill or Friday pill?

I would start on that Sunday. I took the pill for years and started the new pack 2-3 days after my period started. It is just important that you start to take them again otherwise they don't work.

When do you start to see your period?

From ages 9-17. I started when I was 10.

When did bridgit mendler start her period?

She started at age 12 x

Do you start counting when your next period is from the day you started or the day you ended your last period?

from the day it ended.