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Watch out for married men; they're devious little creatures. Basically, he's either too lazy to get a divorce or doesn't want one. He probably wants to stay with his wife and have you on the side as his "girl toy." Get your pride and dignity back and kick this guy to the curb. Do you realize how much you are hurting his wife (possibly children.) If he's fooling around on her, he'll sure fool around on you. Why would he want a "good thing over?" Ask yourself this. He can go home to a wife that I am sure he gets along with, while you sit at home twiddling your fingers and waiting for either a phone call as to when he is coming around again. He's got the best of both. Let me guess ... he's given you instructions to NEVER call him at home! My question is ... what have you got? NADA!

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Q: If you're seeing a married man and he wants marry you and says he wishes he could skip all the divorce proceedings and just be with you does he mean it or is he just saying that?
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