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take it from me...the best way to fight, is to ignore her! she is a stupid girl DYING for you to make yourself look like a fool in front of her! the only reason she would be talking behind your back anyway and being so darn dramatic about it is because she wants to get your attention so darn bad. Show her who's boss. don't let her foolishness bother you. who CARES who could win a fight!!....the dumbest loser on earth could be strong enough to win every fight that ever existed. but, it doesn't make him any smarter or the situation any better. the way to show control over her actions is to not give in to them. the more you blow her off like she doesn't even exist, the dumber she looks. and, congratulations! you will have taken the most mature approach possible! only smart girls like us know that REAL strength can't be tested with pathetic lies and a fistfight.

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Q: If this girl you hate talking junk rolling her eyes should you fight her like some people say or just leave her alone if you and a lot of people know you will probably win?
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