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Move on, this girl is confused. Don't waste your precious love on someone who is not stable. Bisexual women are prone to depression. If she is "supposedly" unavailable, take that as a hint that she is not interested in you. If she sends mixed signals, then she is just using your attentions to boost her ego. Either way the girl is going to waste your time and more importantly cause you to live off of the false hope that she will on day realize you are the 1. You should be her friend if you can remove your self emotionally, usually this is impossible. Try spending time with people who have the same interests, maybe you will meet someone who IS interested in you. Two years is a long time to live in fantasy land.


can we say sex toy or threesome.


Both of these answers are hideously offensive, and the first is just blatantly untrue and prejudiced. The second is just stupid.

Being bisexual does NOT mean you are confused, unstable, deceptive, or prone to depression. It also does not mean that you are any body's sex toy or sexual fantasy. Bisexuals are PEOPLE like anyone else.

In the same way that simply being a straight girl doesn't mean you want to date every single guy you see and never settle down, being bisexual doesn't mean that you have some compulsion to date every person you ever meet. In the same way that a straight girl only considers dating those few men she finds attractive... bisexuals only consider dating those few individuals they find attractive, and are absolutely just as able to settle down after choosing one.

However, in answer to your question, it's the same thing as if she were straight and had a boyfriend. Just because she's bisexual does NOT mean it's okay for her to cheat on her girlfriend, and it's no more okay for you to want her to than it would be if she were dating a guy. I say keep your feelings to yourself, or let her know in a respectful way if you must but be prepared if she is not interested...same exact deal as if you were pining for any girl already in any relationship.


Bisexual is not polygamy. It just means you're attracted to both sexes. They just need to find someone who they like and commit to them, whether they be man or woman. And if they do need both sexes, well in just my opinion, they're just a sex fiend and can't commit because they just want both kinds of the experience (that's just mine though, I'm not saying I'm right). And moving on, this is exactly the same as having feelings for anybody else. If you're a boy or girl it doesn't matter. Just either keep it to yourself, or tell you respectfully that you have feelings for her, but can still be strictly just a friend and that the feelings won't get in the way. Don't guilt her on purpose, and reinforce that you're not trying to guilt her into a relationship with you. After all, if you really care about her, whatever makes her happy should make you happy


Take my advice because the same thing happen to me but i decide to go for it. So here 's what you do, you chose another girl or just forget about it, because losing ur girl to some other dude is one thing but t lose ur girl to a another girl is depressing and please dont make the same mistake i did and u dont have to deal with the emotional pain


Actually, this is probably subjective, but losing someone you love to a girl isn't really suicidally depressing. In fact, I found it suicidally depressing when a girl I liked dated a former friend of mine (although it would only be sad in context).

In fact, if a girl I liked went after another girl, I would probably be disappointed at most, because if she prefers women, then it's nothing personal.

Anyways, I know women who are bisexual, and I can vouch for them that they're very stable, and mentally healthy. One of them is in fact dating a man, and has been for over a year now with no signs of relationship decay or breakup.

I agree with 3rd answerer, #1 is a jerk and #2 is just downright stupid.

But anyway, she has a girlfriend. Don't forget that, because just like you probably wouldn't want to "lose her to another girl" if you were dating her, or to another man, you have to consider her feelings, as well as her girlfriend's. Is it right for you to try snatching someone away like that? I don't think so.

However, romantic thoughts are different. Usually you can't help thinking them. It's not wrong if you can't help it, especially if it doesn't hurt anybody. Just, you know, try to know your limits, show some restraint.

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Q: If the girl you like is bisexual and has a girlfriend is it okay to have romantic feelings for her or should you think of her strictly as a friend?
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