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it mean that there in liking with you

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Q: If someone says your name and a boy stares into your eyes what does that mean?
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What does the name samatha mean?

a person that stares at Ryan

If a boy is with his mom and he stares into a girls eyes and his mom is calling his name to come and he's not listening what does that mean?

this may mean that he feels attracted to this girl and is feeling love from the first sight or this may mean that he suddenly entered a case of day dreaming

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes and someone is calling his name and that person has to pull him over?

Means that he's in love with you, either that or he's staring at something on your face.Try to look your best around him/her and make sure there's nothing on your face and if he does it again, ask (works everytime, I promise!) Are you in love with my eyes? It makes both of you guys laugh, and then its all yours from there. :)

What is the name of a purson who studies stares?

For stars and astrologer, while the study of eyes would be ophthalmology. p.s. person is spelled with an e

What is the name for the coloured part in the eye?

Assuming you mean the part surrounding the pupil that people are talking about when they say someone has "brown eyes" or "blue eyes", it's the iris.

What does the name zunaina mean?

Two eyes

What does the name Miyoka mean?

pretti eyes

What is mean of the name debanjana?

Goddess's eyes

What does the name kaytee mean?

a girl with pretty eyes

What does trentonomous sicoglicernal mean?

Scientific name for eyes

What is the gremlin with the funny eyes name?

Gizmoe, do you mean?

What does to hang a name on someone mean?

"hang a name" = labeling someone your boyfriend/girlfriend

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