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yes that would be called sarcastic ---- -Depends on their tone of voice. Typically it is that they are being sarcastic. But sometimes they could be joking around. Depends on the context, and it should be obvious either way!


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Q: If someone says ok whatever should you take it they mean it in a nasty way?
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Dont you think that the Media is mean and nasty with Britney Spears?

yes The media is mean and nasty with britney spears. they should leave her alone. she does whatever she wants to do....just let her do that. Yes the media is mean but just let Britney have her own life

What does ill-minded mean?

Someone who is nasty.

What does it mean when someone calls you nasty?

It could mean promiscuous, smell bad or have an unpleasant disposition.

What does' her words are poison' mean?

It means 'she' is saying very nasty things about someone.

What are synonyms for someone whos bad-tempered and mean?

Argumentative, irritable, nasty.

What does 'you will get your own back' mean?

If someone ways to you, "you will get your own back" it means they believe you have done something nasty to someone and eventually something nasty will happen to you. It is a way of saying that you will be treated as you treat others.

What does it mean when you have dreams about someone stabbing their eyes?

It means that you have done something bad or whatever, if you have dreams like that then you will have bad luck? You should probably tell someone about it

What does the slang word ratchet mean?

Ratchet means that someone is dirty,nasty,ghetto etc

What does a teen do when not being watched?

She/He should do whatever he/she does normally. Just because someone human there isn't there, doesn't mean God isn't there.

What word means said in a nasty way?

Hmm. "Snark" can be used as a verb, but it doesn't exactly mean nasty... more sarcastically... which can be nasty, but isn't always. So, ""Yeah, right" snarked John" could be nasty depending on how it was directed in the sentence. Snap could work. If someone is snapping at you, it is usually nasty. You can also use grouch as a verb, so someone can grouch at you... that is often nasty, but again, not always. Might just be a mood, not an attack.

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There are a few clarifications I would need about your question to know how to answer it, however there are two answers I have at the moment. [1] If you mean that your boyfriend is nice when its just you two but is mean when he is around friends, then that is a BIG problem. You want to date someone who isn't two-faced like that. Don't let him push you around and be two different people. [2] If you mean that your boyfriend is nice, but his friends are mean, then you should talk to your boyfriend about it. You don't deserve that, and he should be sticking up for you. Also, what do you mean by nasty? Like perverted or mean?

What does nasty odious hovel of a hole mean?

just nasty