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Q: If red urine are you internally bleeding?
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What is the procedure for internally bleeding?


Why is Elmo red?

ElmoElmohis got punched and now he is internally bleeding yeah i punched him

What is wrong if you pee blood?

You are bleeding internally, in your bladder.

What is a bloodied nose?

A bloodied nose is a nose which is bleeding internally.

What do you do if your dog is bleeding sort of internally on the head and neck?

Take it to the Vet immediately.

Can a dog die of a broken tail?

If there is bleeding internally or otherwise and it gets infected, maybe.

Is low blood pressure from bleeding internally?

no, not always but it could be a sign following trauma.

When you go running you get internal bleeding of your calf muscle?

no...YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR ! No....and if you are bleeding internally in your calf muscle, then you need a doctor. ASAP.

Prostate is scorched from radiation will eating chocolate cause bleeding 1 yr after radiation has stopped?

Chocolate does not cause bleeding. A late effect of prostate irradiation may be small "scars" that can cause some drops of blood in urine. If you have red-tainted urine, consult a physician. Chocolate plays no role in this.

How does blood in urine look like?

The obvious answer is that the urine would look red, which can happen with bleeding in the urinary tract from an infection or from other disorders of the urinary system. However, older blood in the urine can make it look dark or rusty colored. Smaller amounts of blood in the urine can give it a pink tone. There may be red flakes or there might be red streaks in the urine, too.

What do you do if you expect someone is bleeding internally?

Take them to a medical facility and bring this to the attention of the medical staff .

How long can someone live that is internally bleeding from abdomen?

well first they need help if they can get it. how bad is it?