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Are you sure its not your mucas plug?

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Q: If my water is leaking at 24 weeks does that mean the baby is going to be born?
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How can you tell if your water has broken you are just leaking?

When your water broke it will feel like you peed on your self and if it is leaking you should go to the hospital because you are going to have your baby in a couple of hours.

How bad is an early pregnancy water leak?

I guess every situation is different but my water started leaking early and I lost the baby. I started to go into labor at 17 weeks. I had to deliver the baby because my body was losing the water and naturally went into delivery.

Is water leaking threatening 8 months pregnant?

It might. Call your doctor and ask. if you are leaking fluid the baby might not have enough inside.

Baby was born at 33 and a half weeks going by your us possibly been 35 and a half weeks going by another us Is there anyway that the baby could have been 40 weeks and the drs and us be wrong?

Please see the discussion section

How many weeks is a baby to grow in the womb before delivery?

it takes 40 weeks for a baby to grow in a womb but if u deliver ur baby before 32 weeks then more likely u r going to have a premature baby i was pregnant and i carried my baby for 38 weeks i had a little boy he was 5lbs and 12 oz

Leaking colostrum after miscarriage?

Yes - my baby stopped growing at 13 weeks, but we didn't know until 16 weeks. The doctor induced using Cytotec in a hospital. Everything was expelled. Two days later, I noticed my nipples were moist. I was leaking colostrum. I was able to hand-express it.

When can you start giving water to baby gray squirrels?

Start giving your baby gray squirrels water after about 4-6 weeks.

What week of pregnancy is the baby supposed to be facing downwards?

The baby will experienced lightening or going downwards at 36 weeks about to engaged.

Can a 102 fever affect the baby of 12 weeks?

Yes, medical assistance is required urgently. Sponge the baby with tepid water, not cold water.

You are 38 weeks pregnant and it feels like your baby is blowing bubbles in your uterus so what could be going on in there?

your baby probably has hiccups

What does the phrase my water broke mean?

It means that the placenta has burst and the amniotic fluid is leaking out of the pregnant uterus. When your "water breaks," it's time for the baby to arrive.

How long after a hamsters water breaks does it take to deliver a baby hamster?

about six weeks.