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It appears as if they are being mean only because you can't see things from their viewpoint. In other words, you are not mature enough to see it from their view and how they have always done the best for you, even when you think they are being mean, when they aren't.

because they want the best for you, and they have to be mean sometimes to do it! (i know its weird!!!)

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Q: If moms are so mean why do they care?
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Are most moms mean?

Not really. Some moms might be mean because they are tierd. Some moms are mean because their children are misbehave.

What can you do if your mom doesn't care about your opinion?

Check your opinion ! Moms are usually right ! And it's not that they don't care its just they have done been there and dOne that ! So they no what's best !!!

Do moms care for their children?

Some do, some don't.

Do marine otter parents care for young?

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What moms do for their children?

They give you shelter and a family and they care about you

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Why is your mom so mean to you?

Actually, she is just trying to keep you safe. Only moms who care about their kids or moms with serious mental, emotional, or substance abuse problems are mean. If a mom is mean because of these problems, the child can't really do much to change her and must do the best they can for themselves. All other mean moms care what happens to their children; care that they will be able to grow up and care for themselves and have the tools to do that. Giving birth to children does not magically give moms the means or the wisdom to do the job, they have to figure it out as they go. All the while they're trying to do that, the whole world is delivering messages that they're doing it wrong; telling them what they should do; attempting to undermine everything they say and do. Meanwhile, there's an equal number of messages directed at their children to lead them off in all directions, and trying to sell them stuff and ideas. Meanwhile, most moms are trying to keep focused on keeping their kids healthy, out of danger, and on a path that will have a successful outcome. And the older their kids get, the more they start thinking for themselves (often in response to those incoming messages) and needing to express their own individuality, well before they're ready to take care of themselves on their own. Moms are under a lot of pressure with their responsibilities to their children, the outside influences on their children, and their children's lack of understanding for what parents need to do. These are factors that can make anyone mean once in a while.

Are teen moms less successful?

Yes Teen moms are less successful in many things..Think about it, teen moms are moms that are still teenagers, and are still learning. Many of them are still in high school and can't finish school because they have a baby to take care of.They usually have no money, and is very hard for them to take care of the baby.

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Do moms care for there 11 year olds?

some do but some dont