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OLD ANSWER: Umm, what? Maybe you should rephrase your question with correct grammer if you want an answer.

NEW ANSWER: Not sure what the person above is getting at... that quote is by a famous early 1700s writer, poet and philosopher named Goethe. The quote is translated, but the person asking the question cited it correctly and it isn't grammatically incorrect. Since he was a philosopher, my guess is that he wrote the quote to be vague and for each individual reader to take his own message from it. Personally, I think it is about the privacy of one's thoughts. It reflects the fact that love is an inherently personal thing, and loving someone in private thought has no effect on the person being loved. In the end, the person being loved cannot, despite the deepest wish to not be loved by that person, change the feelings that one has towards them... that is just my interpretation though.

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Q: If love you what business is it of yours?
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