If love be blind love cannot hit the mark?

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Yes thats right

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2017-03-20 20:54:14
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Q: If love be blind love cannot hit the mark?
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What does mercutio say about blind love?

If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark.

In romeo and juilet what does mercutio say about blind love?

Mercutio tells Romeo that if love be blind, it cannot hit the 'mark'. This 'mark' actually implies sexual pleasure, and he is therefore saying that Romeo will not have sex with Rosaline until their love is not blind...which it is, implied by Laurence later in the play (he speaks of young men being shallow (blind) and only loving women for their looks).

What was Jason derulo's biggest hit?

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How can a blind person use their ears to see?

Blind people can "see" with their ears by relying on them to fill in the gaps caused by their lack of visual perception. For instance, while a blind person cannot see an oncoming car, they can hear it, allowing them to move away from the sound as to avoid getting hit. Blind people cannot literally see with their ears, no one can.

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Young children cannot go to jail, they can go to juvenile. If a boy leaves a mark on a girl then charges can be pressed, but if there's no mark or evidence they cannot. The same is for a girl to hit a boy, charges can be made if left a mark. It depends on the severity.

Can anyone become blind?

yes i know a few people get hit in the eye with things all the time and something hit in both you would be blind

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Because she was blind

What does If love be blind love cannot hit the mark mean?

The popular saying is "Love is blind," meaning someone in love can't see the other person's flaws. Shakespeare is saying that if this is true, then the person can't succeed at love, either, because they "can't hit the mark" or hit the target.

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A hit in the head can leave you blind. In some cases the retina can actually become detached. These injuries could lead to permanent blindness.

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no they cannot. that is not their child so they cannot hit them.

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if you are blind can getting hit on the head restore your sight

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