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It totally depends on the person.If she has been cheated on in her past she knows that it hurts.Because of that she would not want other people to feel the same way so she probley will not cheat.

I totally agree it depends on the individual, if your not a cheater but have been cheated on you can sometimes be tempted to cheat on people but your usually the other person, what i mean by this is for example if you go out to a club and you see a guy you like and they like you but has a girlfriend you won't think twice about going with this guy because you want others to hurt and experience the pain your going will just want to pass the pain on but then yet again you could totally go the other way and be so against cheating.... i think it depends on how badly you were hurt and how serious the relationship was, no one likes to be hurt especially when the reason is because of cheating...

AnswerIt depends on this persons character. If they themselves cheated in the past and have now had it done to them they may realise how hurtful it is and vow never to do it to another. However it could also bounce the other way, if this person came to suspect you of cheating, remembering the past they could decide to cheat first. However the usual case scenario is that women tend to learn not to put up with it and grow tired of games, leading them to just cut off relationships and move on at the first sign or even hint of cheating. AnswerShe is absolutely more likely to do it again. If you can live with no rules or morals and get away with it why would you quit? The only thing that could stop her...and even this is a stretch... is if someone does it to her. If she can empathize with what she has been through and what she has put her boyfriend/husband through. I would hold off and pick more selectively. People suck and if she already has this against her, its not worth the heart break. I've had it happen to me twice. AnswerThis happened to me recently. My wife of six years cheated on me last summer. Last month I just found out about it from her. She told me that it did not last long and the last time she saw him was July of last year. well I just found out that she kept seeing him and the last time she saw him was last month. It all depends on what time of person she is. If she is the type that does not care about anyones feelings why be with someone like her. My wife did have relationships that she was cheated on. So I think that if she though that his ex got away with it, pretty sure that she is going to be the same way. Answershe probably is less likely because of the fact she does not want to hurt someone like shes been hurt. it all has to do with past experiances. if you were hurt by being cheated on why would you cheat on someone and hurt them when you know how much it hurts AnswerI don't think she will because she knows how much it hurt her to be cheated on and she wont want to put someone through that pain that she went through.

Answer: I belive that it depends on if she feels loved, if she dossent then she may look fore love somewhere else.. It hurts badly too be cheated on so she will do her best not to cheat becurse she will know how it feels like, but i belive that it depends on her character and even more on if she feels loved by the one she is with.. :)

if she has been cheated on she knows what its like to be in that situation so its less likely she will cheat on someone else she knows it will hurt like she was hurt before

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Q: If a woman has been cheated on in past relationships is she less likely or more likely to cheat in her future relationships?
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