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rectal administration is possible. Compazine, I believe, is one that can be. Scopalamine is sometimes administered in a patch form, too.

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Q: If a patient is vomiting and IV antiemetics are not available what other route could be considered?
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How can you give an antiemetic to a patient who is vomiting?

Many can be administered via IM injection or by IV. Check the index of a drug book (if you have one, or using one from a library) for more information on specific drugs and their dosages. You should be able to look it up by the group antiemetics.

How are most cases of plant poisoning treated?

Most cases of plant poisoning are treated by inducing vomiting, if the patient is fully conscious. Vomiting can be induced by taking syrup of ipecac, an over-the-counter emetic available at any pharmacy.

What factors are considered when recommending an oxygen delivery system for a patient?

A health care provider will meet with the patient to discuss the oxygen systems available.

What is the verb in this sentence The patient had anorexia though he denied any nausea or vomiting?

"The patient had anorexia, though he denied any nausea or vomiting," is a sentence with two verbs: "had" and "denied."

Why should you lie on your left side when unconscious and vomiting?

Orelse the Patient will get choked.

A challenging experience of a nurse?

Being calm if blood bothers you. And not vomiting when a patient vomits.

When should liquids be given after vomiting has stopped?

As soon as the patient thinks he/she can handle a drink.

The patient has recently been started on an anticholinergic medication which symptom reported by the patient requires immediate interventionon the part of the LPN?

Persistent Vomiting

A patient develops anuria and begins having headaches dyspnea and vomiting What can be done to keep this patient from going into a coma or dying?

A patient develops anuria and begins having headaches, dyspnea, and vomiting. What canbe done to keep this patient from going into a coma or dying?A. Administration of antibiotics C. Urgent surgeryB. Administration of anti-inflammatories D.HemodialysisD it the right answer

A patient with IBD exhibits what symptoms?

A patient with IBD (irritable bowel disease) would likely exhibit gnawing pain in abdomen, vomiting, and anorexia.

What advanced airway is inappropriate for a patient at high risk of vomiting and aspiration?

uncuffed endotraceal tub

What determines the abortive medications for migraine?

According to the severity of the patient's headaches, the presence of nausea or vomiting, the patient's response to the drug, and the presence of such comorbid conditions as depression or epilepsy.