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Measuring their arm span from the tips of the middle fingers

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Q: If a patient is unable to stand you can measure their height by?
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How do you measure human height with tape measure?

Measure human height by the transitive property. Stand up against the wall and make a mark at your height. Then measure the distance from the floor to the mark. You are as tall as the mark is above the floor.

How do you measure a horeses height?

Stand the horse on a flat hard surface and stand square. Then measure the distance from the ground to the top of the withers in inches. There are 4 inches per hand. divide the number of inches by 4 and you will now have the height in hands.

How do you find your height using your parents heights?

Stack up some books until when you stand on them, your head is level with your parent's. Measure the stack height of the books and subtract that from your parent's height = your height.

How can you get a height on a person that is not able to stand?

You need to get a flexible measuring ruler... Lay them on the ground... And measure them that way.

What to use to measure height of a lamp?

probably to measure a lamp depending on if its a desk lamp or a stand up lamp, if you use a stand up lamp, i would suggest using either feet or inches

How do you find the square footage of a attic?

You measure its length and with and multiply the two. However, this will take no account of the height: the square footage in which you can stand, crawl or slide.

Does hh stand for hand height?

It stands for hands high. A hand is counted as 4 inches. and to measure the height of a horse you stand on even groun ground, get a stick and a leveler. Then you have the stick leveled directly up at the horses withers(about where the mane ends the bump there) and you mark the stick at the tip of the withers and measure it with a tape measure and divide by four, if it isn't even then you will have something like 16.2 hands high depending on how many inches are left.

How do you take the height of a person if they can not stand?

Their wing span is roughly their height.

How do you determine how many hands a horse is?

You measure a horse from feet to withers, there is a tape measure like thing you can buy to measure your horse, but if you don't have one, you can measure with a regular tape measure, a HH is 4'' so divide what ever you got with the tape measure by 4. The 'stick thing' metioned above is called a Height stick. It's best to use one with two levels on it and don't forget to stand the horse on level ground and don't count the shoes as part of the horses height.

If humans didn't have a balancing act would humans die?

Unable to stand, unable to properly move, yes.

What animal is unable to stand up?

bats cannot stand up, as well as cows. but all quadrupeds can.

What does NPSG stand for?

National Patient Safety Goals.