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Man is to master as woman is to mistress.

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Q: If a man is a master than a woman is?
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Was harriet's master a woman or a man?


Is the master chief from halo a man or a woman?

His name is John so he is a man

What do you call a man with no titles or a woman?

A adult Man is always Mr. and a Woman unmarried is Ms. and Married is Mrs. Children are Male is Master and a Female is Miss

Who will win in a fight a small woman or a large man?

Unless the small woman is a Master in martial arts like Kung Fu or Karate, the large man is will most likely be the winner.

Is a man's bladder bigger than a woman's?

A man's bladder is bigger than a woman's bladder. A woman's bladder is smaller because the uterus is above it and the uterus needs to have room.

Which spous is more prone to extra man or woman?

A man is more prone to a relationship on the side than a woman. However, it is not always the man who has an affair. Sometimes it is the woman.

Where did a woman do better than a man?


Can a 21 man get 45 woman pegnant?

if the woman has not yet stopped her period cycle. Than man can get her pregnant.

What is the name for a woman who courts a man?

There is nothing unusual in a woman courting a man, although the convention is that it is the man who has to propose marriage. (And even then, convention can be defied.) If the woman in question is significantly older than the man she courts, then the current slang would call her a cougar. This term is more about the age difference than the courting, however. When a man courts a woman he is a "suitor". When a woman courts a man she is a "suitress".

Is Master Chief a woman?

master chief in halo 1 is in fact a woman.

Why is it okay if a woman hits a man and gets away with it?

* Because a woman is naturally weaker than a man, and if a man was to hit a woman it would be unfair. * Unless the woman is defending herself no woman has the right to hit a man in anger and it's considered physical abuse.

Who other than man has a need to create?