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Yes. Frequent use of laxatives will prevent the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs, and can lead to long-term gastrointestinal problems. Use of laxatives for other than short-term needs can be indicative of emotional issues that need attention from a mental health professional.

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Occasional use of a laxative whether needed or not is not dangerous, Regular use of bulk forming laxatives (metamucil, citrucel, etc) is OK. Regular use of stimulant laxatives (dulcolax tabs, citrate of mag, others) is not good- will cause premature aging and other intestinal problems.

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Q: If a laxative is taken and not needed is it dangerous?
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Is being a laxative junky bad?

Yes. Laxatives should only be taken when needed.

How often can a laxative be taken safely?

You should only take 2-4 every 24 hours.


Sort of. Try drinking Actimel or eating grapes .

Are Polyols Laxative?

Polyols are laxative.

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What are the side effects associated with using gardenia?

Gardenia when taken frequently or in large amounts has laxative properties and can cause loose stools.

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If your water is broke will taken a laxative start labor?

Don't take a laxative to start labour. Laxatives are meant to ease constipation and will just give you diarrohea, which you really don't want during labour. Your labour will start soon enough now that your waters have broken

What is moderate fecal burden in the colon?

Moderate fecal burden is simply a fancy way of saying there is a large amount of stool in the colon. This can usually be taken care of with the use of a laxative. However, never use a laxative long-term without seeking the advice of your doctor.

What is the definition of 'laxative effects'?

A laxative is something that will make you go to the toilet when you are constipated. "Laxative effects" means that it may make you get diarrhea.

Does mixing water with honey make a laxative?

Yes, actually, it does make a mild laxative. Drink enough of it and it will make a great laxative.