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The only reason to deliberately swallow something that is labelled as poisonous would be to commit suicide. So if someone was actually trying to die, there would be no apparent reason to phone Poison Control about it, would there? Perhaps Nelson would phone, just to say "ha ha" one more time before dying.

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Q: If a label says if accidentally swallowed call Poison Control is it okay if it is purposely swallowed?
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What to do when brake fluid is swallowed?

Call poison control.

Are detergents poisonous?

yes. call poison control if you have swallowed some.

What is the first action to take if a person has swallowed a poison?

contact poison control and seek medical advice

What is toxiphobia?

Toxiphobia - an exaggerated fear of poison or being poisoned A person suffering from this will believe that they will be poisoned by food either purposely or accidentally

What happens if you accidentally swallow a mouth full of antifreeze?

Call a doctor, hospital, or poison control center immediately.Call a doctor, hospital, or poison control center immediately.

What will you do if child swallowed foods with chemical agent?

Call a poison control center. Don't ask WikiAnswers.

What would you do if someone is swallowing poison?

If it was an adult who swallowed the poison they would know. However, if it was a child, they wouldn't remember and you would be able to tell by the way they are acting . If you think they swallowed poison, I would go ahead and call poison control.

Is nail varnish remover harmful if swallowed?

Oh yeah it is very harmful. Call poison control first thing.

What do you do if your baby accidentally ate baby powder?

Call your local poison control center. Or Get the internet at your house and google...

What would happen if you swallowed white out?

If u swallow a lot of it u would have to contact poison control if not drink lots of water.

What to do if hair bonding glue is swallowed and it is very harmful?

Contact poison control , and seek immediate assistance from people nearby.

Is baby powder a poison?

ya if it is swallowed in bulks