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No, I was in the same situation, girl. I met my boyfriend a long time ago and before we started dating, I kinda thought that he liked me and then I started liking him and thought that he was not interested in me anymore and got really depressed. Guess what, a day later he asked me out! And I said yes. And I've been dating him for almost 9 months.

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Q: If a guy who you think has a crush on you now avoids you because he got your attention does it mean he is no longer interested or could he be avoiding his feelings for you because he is not available?
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Is ex avoiding you or does he not want to hurt you because he still has feelings for you?

depends if he is nice or not

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It's all about avoiding sexual thoughts, feelings, and urges.

What should you do when he is not sympathetic to your feelings?

when he is not interested of or about your feelings, he in it for the sex... if he really cares about you then he should care about your feelings too! to solve it maybe you should do something romantic to remind him its not just about that...

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How do you stop a girl from having a crush on you?

Drop friendly hints to her that you are just not interested in her. Try being nice to her that you just don't like her the way she is to you...Simple things like:1.) Avoiding her (not to much it upsets her feelings)2.) Don't look her in the eye when she's talking to you, butlook at something else (this shows that you just aren't interested)3.) Don't laugh at her jokes?

What does he mean when he says you will always be around?

He means that he is not interested in you but he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

Why does my ex stare at me when he's with his friends?

checking who may be interested in you, despite his past feelings he had for you.

What does it mean when a guy says i am sorry i don't have feelings for you?

it means he is not interested in you. And he is being polite.

Why is your ex trying to get your attention?

Maybe that person still has feelings for you and regrets the break-up.

How do you tell your ex-boyfriend that you still love him?

All you can do is simply tell him how you feel - there is no guarantee he will be interested in listening and if he does if he will be interested in rekindling your relationship - all you can do is voice your feelings and take it from there. If he is not interested it is best to let him be.

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