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Q: If a guy pats the seat next to him does he want me to come sit with him and if yes should i go?
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How do you take the seat off a 1983 Honda Shadow 750?

First you remove the glove box in the back of the seat. There should be two bolts holding the back section of the seat in. Take off the two nuts and lift the seat upward and pull back and it should come off. Then unbolt the front part of the seat and slide it back. It should also come off.

How do you get the back seat out of a 1997 Buick Reviera?

Lift up on the front of the back seat and it should come loose, then up and out.

How do you remove the back seat from a Dodge Intrepid?

There are two bolts in front of the bottom part of the seat you have to remove.Once you remove the bolts the bottom should come right out.For the back of the seat there are also two bolts you have to remove.They hold in the back of the seat and the rear seat belts.Remove those and lift up on the back cushion and that should come right out.

Why people should wear seat belts in a car?

Because if had a crash you would ether hit a seat or come flying out on the window

How do you remove the back seat from a 1999 Dodge Intrepid?

well the first thing is to remove the lower seat. It has two clips near the front of it . Remove the lower seat now. Next remove the side panel right above the back seat. Now you have to remove the bolts for the seat belts, it holds the back part of the seat in. move the back part of the seat up towards the back window. You should hear the seat come loose. Now when you put the seat back in don't forget to pull the seat belts back though.

How do you remove the back seat out of a 1986 Monte Carlo?

grab bottom edge of seat bottom push toward rear of car and lift up seat should come out.

Where do you find the fuse on a peugeot speed fighter 2 50cc?


How do you take of the head rest of the passnger seat of a 89 190E 2.6?

There should be a bump in the back of the seat. Press the button and lift. May take a little finesse but it should come off.

How do you reconnect the passenger seat belt sensor in a Nissan Micra 2003?

The connector should be by floor next to buckle

Does the third row come out on a 2001 Eddie Bauer Expedition?

Yes, the seat does come out. There should be a lever on the passenger side of the seat. You lift the lever and the seat will fold down. There is a metal bar right close to the floor in the middle of the seat in the back. Lift up that lever and the seat will lift up rotating forward and then you just lift the seat straight up to remove it.

How do you remove the rear seat from IX35?

They have a little hook type thing that gets caught behind the back part when you pull it out.. You haft to push down and backwards on the front of the seat and it should come out of its bracket then you have to lift it up to clear the hook type thing and it should come out

How can remove the rear seat in mark VIII?

Push in on each side of the seat cushion and it should unlatch and for the back you should see the bolts that hold it and once you remove the bolts push up on the backrest and it will come out.