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No, he is concerned of you, he was trying to thinl of a way to comfort you. He must really like you, a whole lesson looking at you-he must have a crush on you! A BIG one.

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Q: If a guy flirts with you and one day in class your upset and he sees u upset and he stops talkin to hs friend nd rests his head on the tble and stares at me for the hole lesson.was he mirroring me?
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How you know a girl likeing him?

She flirts, stares, smiles...etc

What are signs that a guy is interested?

If he talks to you alot Flirts with you smiles at you bugs you stares at you

If a guy asks you who you like and then when you tell him who you used to like he says he likes your friend but then he stares at you and flirts with you does he like you?

If he says he likes your friend, then that may be the case, but everything he's done is strongly suggesting that he likes you instead/as well.

If a guy says he likes your friend but he always flirts an stares at you and sometime he throws paper at you to get you attetion but 1 day he throws paper at your friend.why did he do dt?

probably likes both. playing the field looking for first available

How do you know if a guy in your school likes you?

Talk to him more or if he stares at you all the time but it depends on what grade your in or something so...............................if he stares touches or flirts with you or talks a lot to you about stupid stuff then he probrably does

How can you tell if a girl is falling in love with you?

if a girl flirts with you stares at you for a long time or follows you around that could be a sign of love.

If a guy is 15 n immature n shy d he flirts with you and stares at you a lot but whenver hes standing in a crowd he looks in my friend he makin me jealous or is he pretndin he ddnt see me?

he is either trying to make you jealous or he is a player

When do you know if a boy likes you?

wel first of all he flirts with u all the time... he stares at you... and when he talks to you he looks u in the eyes

How do you know if a girl likes you as a boyfriend?

She constantly stares at you. You catch her talking about you positivly. She flirts. If she's shy, she'll look down if you walk by her.

What does it mean if a boy stares at you but flirts with other girls?

he wants your body ANSWER Yeahh that's probably true, he could be interested in you but nothing serious.

When the person that likes you their friend stares?

Their friend may have already liked you or is jealous

Your friend talks to much with the guy you like and they both talk to each other and how can you know if he likes you because he stares at you?

by how he stares at you