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They are called "clicks." Sometimes spelled funny like "qulick," "kliqe," or "clique."

A group of girls is called a bevy. (check with "the students companion" by Wilfred D. Best)

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Q: If a group of boys is called a gang then what is a group of girls called?
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Gang names for girls?

How about: B.W.A. (Babes with Attitude); Girl Gang/Group; Brilliant & Beautiful; The Beautiful People; The Wild Ones; Gorgeous Girls Gang; Anti-Boys.

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You could call a group of boys a gang

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What is a group of workmen called?

a group of workmen is called a gang!

Can anyone suggest a good gang name for girls?

Girls can join gangs just as easily as boys can. Some gang names that have featured girls are The Hell's Angels and The Yakuza.

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Group of resister is called as gang resister

What is a group of elk called?

A group of elk is called a herd or gang

What is a group of coins called?


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