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well it doesn't have to be all romantic.

all you have to do iis be calm and just say hi.

then ask her a question or somtheing like how was your day or what subject have you got next.

is she asnwers with i don't know or somthing short ended ask another question or complement her.

somthing like you must be smart if your in advanced maths or somthing like that.

xo good luck

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Q: If a girl like a boy then how a boy should talk with her at first time?
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What is a good conversion have with a girl you like?

If it is your first conversation with her you should engage her with small talk

There is this gorgeous girl that likes me and i like her but we don't talk that much so what should i do and how should i get her to like me more?

well first start by saying hi. If you want her to like you more you have to talk. Hope this helped!

Can you like a girl even though you dont talk to her?

Yes, you can like a girl even if you don't talk to her but its probably better if you get to know first.

What should i do when the girl i like and my friend try's to talk to me at the same time?

talk to them both.

You like a foruth grade girl but you are to shy to talk talk to her what should you do?

um... thaws be your self OK or, first talk to her and see what she like and then see if she like what you like then talk about ok,next you should be friend with her, 3thd lat her get you`st to you ok then she will like ONE MIN THIS IMPORTANT DONT BE MEEN OK that all it simple

How do you get a girl to be attracted to you?

well at first you should talk about it with some one and then like, start asking her friends about her, this would draw her attention to you.

You like this girl and she likes you and but it seems like she never wants to talk to you what should you do?

You should try talking to her. Make the first move and ask her out. Dont be shy and dont be too cocky.

What should you talk about for your first commentary?

You should talk about yourself and the way you like to play

What should you do if a boy likes a girl you like?

Try to talk to the girl before he does to see if you have a chance with her.

What should you do if the girl you like is your cousin's child's momma?

Talk to your cousin about this.

How should boy talk to girl on phone first time?

Be really sexy

What do you do when you liked a girl?

dear who ever asked this if a girl likes you ask yourself do you like her if you do show her some signs that you do. if you don't then just treat her like you normally would but be kind to her trust me on this im an girl any way you should be nice to her because she probably knows that you know that she likes you get what I'm saying and talk to her first if she does know that you know that she like you then she will be very embarrassed to talk to you so talk to her first and after you do that for a couple of days then she will feel better