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Ask her. It's not enough information for anyone else to answer.

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Q: If a girl holds your hand is she your girlfriend?
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What does it mean if girl holds your hand and holds it pretty hard when she said no to be your girlfriend before it happend?

It means, she thinks your gay... Good Look with that......... very funny...

What does it mean if he holds your hand but has a girlfriend?

It means he likes you and that he is not trust worthy and would treat you the same if he were to date you and found another girl he liked.

What does it mean when a boy holds your hand even if he has a girlfriend?

It means that he must like u instead of his girlfriend

If a girl calls you boo but acts like she is not interested in you at all does she like you?

A girl I like calls me boo and holds my hand and we're not even going out, so it can be a pet name or a name that signifies you as being his/her boy/girlfriend.

How can you tell if a girl wants you to hold her hand?

If a girl holds your hand it means she really likes you so if you like her too then enjoy the fact she is holding hands with you. If you don't care for the girl in that way just be polite and let her hold your hand.

What does it mean when ur guy friend holds you hand for an hour but he has a girlfriend?

That shes not dooooooin him enough

What is the value of 2 statues boy and girl 24 high- boy holds fruit in hand girl holds basket marwal inside over circle c inside that circle ind inc?

pair of 28" statues boy holds fruit in hand -girl holds basket with flowers mark-marwal with c inside circle ind inc

When your ex boyfriend holds his new girlfriends hand what does that mean?

that he is over you and is happy with his new girlfriend It means he likes her.....

What do you think of someone who wants to move his hand on his girlfriend ass?

It is ok as long as his girl is ok with it

Is it wrong if a girl holds your hand during a movie if she is dating someone else?

umm ya what is she thinking

what does it mean when your girl holds your hand?

it means a girls into you and comfortable to be around you, maybe the next move should be you kissing her.

How could you get a girl to hold your hand on a date if she was not your girlfriend?

it just happens, you can't really do anything to make it happen