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well you are probably her best friend, and well I spend more time with my best friend (who is a guy) then my boyfriend, so I'm not really sure what to tell you, I guess it means that she just wants to spend some time with her best friend.

Adding to what was said above or well subtracting from it. The person you should truly be dating and you end up marrying is supposed to be your best friend of the oposite sex. The thing about a relationship is if your not willing to spend most of your time with that person its not real. When they are quite low on your priority list they are no more then a sex buddy or make out buddy.

But honestly what does her have to do with hanging out with you all the time mean... it either means shes a crappy girl friend or she likes you and doesn't know how to deal with it for some unknown reason.

I'm currently in a similar situation. I'm with a girl who spends every free second she gets with me just about. She cuddles with me all the time and totally connects with me. Her friend has even told me about the two of them talking about how she wont shut up about me. Yet through all of this she has a boyfriend. I personally think the only reason shes with him at all is she feels the need, like I've seen from many other women, that its her duty to fix him. So until she feels shes acomplished this or hes a hopless cause, she thinks shes stuck with him as she will be betraying her self by leaving him. Ya sounds stupid but I see girls do it all the time.

So what I'm doing is playing the waiting game aswell as making sure I'm always there for her. He will eventually lose out and I get the girl in the end. Of course this only works due to me and her actually fit perfectly for each other and she sees it as much as I do and I'm always a gentleman.

So basically what I'm trying to say is. Hang in there if you want your relationship to mean more cause like I said most best friends turn into relationships. Just remember to be your self and always treat her with respect and even through her decissions sometimes drive you crazy you can't change them cause she needs to figure it out on her own.

And god I hope someone edits my terrible wordsmanship and summarizes my rambling.

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Q: If a girl has a boyfriend and you love her and she spends more time with you then her boyfriend what does this mean?
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