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" I heard it through the grape vine" Now this can be a bit tricky. First you need to know if your source a reliable, cause you don't want to make a fool of yourself, and second, there is know need to have some much people up in your business. look..lwhen it comes to afairs of the heart, the only person you should be communicating with is the person on the other end. by letting to much voices come into the mix , it can cause to much interferance and thigs can really get messed up. What I suggest is...If and only If you want to get back with this guy, grow some balls and ask him how he's feeling about you, and take it away from there. and please dont mention the whole"grape vine" thing, Guys tend to not like girls who act on gossip...good luck!

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Q: If a boy tells someone that they will give aother girl another chance and then that girl that knows tells your best friend and then tells you does it mean its true?
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