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He's playing hard to get. Sometimes guys do that when they like you.

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Q: If a boy looks at you every day and talks to you one day then doesn't the next day what does that mean?
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What does it mean when a guy doesnt talk to you but talks to every other girl?

he either doesnt like you or he doesnt want to talk to you at the time or he wants to make you jealous.... and its working huh?

Do girls equal evil?

Although, some girls use their looks for evil... that doesnt mean every girl is like that.

If a sophomore in high school looks at you and talks to you every time he's around you and you're a 7th grade girl does it mean he likes you?

it depends on what your talking about

What does it mean when a girl talks to a boy and he looks at his private area?

This question is inappropriate

What does it mean when a guy helps you always talks or looks at you and says that you are interesting?

He may like you.

If a guy looks at you and talks to your best friend a lot what does it mean?

Nothing. He is a nice guy.

When a man talks to you and walk pass you and looks back?

Doesn't necessarily mean anything.

If a girl looks at you does it mean she likes you?

Just because she looks at you doesn't mean she likes you. It depends on whether she talks, smiles, laughs or flirts. All girls are different.

What does it mean if your ex doesnt let her boyfriend know she talks to you and that you moved back?

from the sounds of it shes being abit of a player..

When a girl says she likes you but she has another boyfriend she talks about What is that mean?

When a girl loves you she truly means it. When she talks about a boyffriend she doesnt like you. When she talks about a guy that is a friend it means she loves you and trusts you enough to talk about it with you without you getting hurt.

What does it mean what does it mean if he looks at you every ten minutes?

He wants you.

What does it mean if a boy doesnt look at a girl when he talks to her?

he is probably a little shy when talking to you, which doesn't mean anything bad, it actually probably means he likes you. :)