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Youre his son.

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Q: If Albert's son is my son's father what is the relationship between Albert and me?
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If Albert's son is my son's father what is the relationship between Albert and you?

Albert is your father

If Albert's son is your son's father what is the relationship between Albert and you?

Either: Albert's son is my husband and and father of my son, Albert is my father in law. Or: If Albert's son is me, the father of my son, then Albert is my father.

What was blood relationship between Queen Victoria's mother and Albert of saxe-coburg and gotha?

Victoria's mother was biologically Albert's aunt (she was the sister of his father)

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This is a common misconception. Back in those days compass was a colloqeulism for raging hard-on. So dear alberts father popped a nut out and then it hit him. I should be an inventor

Who is Alberts father in the warhorse?

Ted Narracott

In 'Warhorse' what was Alberts father called?


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how is the relationship between jess and his father

What is the relationship between Eumaeus and Telemachus?

The relationship between them is similar to father and son.

What is the relationship between mayella and her father?

the relationship between Mayella and her father is they love eachother and believe in the same thing. Mayella would protect her father and her father would protect her

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The English language recognizes no relationship between the parents of your father and the father of your spouse.

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