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First of all, how much does 1.0ml of ethanol weigh? A quick search tells you it's density is 0.789g/ml. Therefore, 1ml of ethanol weighs 0.789g.

Next. If 15 drops of ethanol weigh 0.6g, 1 drop weighs 0.04g (0.6/15).

Finally, we want 0.789g, each drop weighs 0.04g so how many 0.04s are there in 0.789?


19.725 drops of ethanol make up 1.0ml; but since this is unrealistic, 20 drops (rounding up) weighs 0.8g so gives you 1.01ml.

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Q: If 15 drops of ethanol from a medicine dropper weigh 0.60 grams how many drops from the dropper does it take to dispense 1.0 ml of ethanol?
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How does medicine enter in dropper?

It's commen sense actually,it's due to diff in air pressure by pressing it creates low pressure and outside is a gap higher pressure thus fluids movie from outside(high pressure to low pressure)to the inside of the dropper.

What is use of medicine dropper?

A medicine dropper is used to measure out very small amounts of medicine. Common uses for a dropped are dispensing eye drops and measuring out medication for children and small pets.

What is the use of medicine dropper?

the use of medicine dropper is to measure the amount of any liquid, (especially LIQUID medicines)..

1ml equals 32 drops from a dropper if a 15ml container holds 60 equal doses of medicine how many drops per dose?


What does a dropper measure?

A dropper measures volume by counting drops.

What is the use of dropper in the laboratory?

A dropper is used to drop a little amount on your apparatus. A dropper is used to dispense small amounts of a liquid. It is especially useful when the amount to be added is very small and needs to be measured accurately.

1 ml equals 32 drops from a dropper If a 15 ml container holds 60 equal doses of medicine how many drops per dose?

There would be 4 drops per dose.

How would you measure 40 drops of medicine using a medicine dropper?

Typically there are about 20 drops in 1 mL of liquid. Get a graduated cylinder marked with Milliliters. Start counting drops and fill until you get to 1mL To the previous wrong answerer, 1 drop is NOT 1 cc, think about it.

What dispense small amounts of a liquid?

You call a very small drop of liquid a 'droplet'. A droplet is a smaller measurement of a drop of liquid and is usually used when talking about liquid particles that are less then 50 um in diameter.

What is a turtle dropper?

A turtle dropper is a girl that drops a turtle into a ring before a turtle racing event for luck

What is the use of dropper?

Dropper is an inevitable part for the dosing of the drug in Pharmacology. You can make the precise dosing with the help of dropper. Normally you get 16 drops in one milliliter of liquid.

How many drops is in 1mL of alcohol?

The volume of a drop of a given liquid depends on the shape and materials of construction of the drop dispenser. Ethanol interacts differently with glass than plastic, and differently with different kinds of plastic. The size of a droplet is also dependent on the surface area of the point at which the drop forms. Ethanol does not "bead" on plain glass surfaces. Instead it tends to spread out, because it interacts with the surface. On the other hand, ethanol, just like water, will bead on certain inert plastics, due to a lack of interaction with those materials (ie. doesn't "cling" to them). So a PTFE dropper, for example, will form smaller drops than a glass dropper, and a very narrow needle-like dropper tip will form smaller drops than a thick, blunt dropper tip. Based on the selection of one's dropper, the volume of a droplet of ethanol could vary by upwards of 150%.